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Dlubak Glass Ohio

Dlubak Glass Ohio


11567 County Highway 110
Upper Sandusky, Oh 43351
PH 419-294-4466
Fax 419-294-1303
Andrea Thiel

  • CRT/TV/PC monitors

  • Automotive windshields

  • Plate

  • Window/Plate/IG

  • PVB from windshields

  • Specialty glass

Located in north central Ohio along the Sandusky River, the area is home to some of Ohio's most productive farms, as well as growing numbers of manufacturing, service and retail businesses. Upper Sandusky is served by two rail lines and a general aviation airport. Most of the county's land is agricultural, but nearly one third of the area's workforce is engaged in manufacturing, making products ranging from automotive parts to animal feed.


The next largest employment sector, about 17 percent, is trade, followed by service providers, 15 percent, then government, 10 percent. Rounding out the job base are, respectively, agriculture, finance/real estate/insurance, transportation, communications, public utilities, and mining.


Upper Sandusky's strategic location and excellent transportation network make it a place where businesses have quick and efficient access to major markets and suppliers. Major state and interstate highways connect the city with the state's metropolitan centers.

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