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About Us


With a long history of providing glass recycling services, Dlubak Glass is the recycler of choice among the American Glass Industry today; however, we are now beginning to branch out into other exciting new areas of recycling, including plastics and electronics, and the development of new products from the material we recycle. Contact us at any of our five locations listed here to learn more about what we're recycling next!

Why Dlubak Glass Company?


Founded in 1932, in the garage of Walter Sr. and Mary Dlubak’s Natrona Heights PA home, the business is still family owned and operated, and is now in its third generation of family ownership. Since its start in the bottle recycling business, Dlubak Glass Company has grown to become one of the largest US recyclers and processors of glass. During the mid 1990's, Dlubak experienced significant growth and became the largest American recycler of TV and PC Monitor (CRT) glass.

We presently serve the automotive, CRT, lighting, plate, fiberglass, container, and specialty glass industries, with five plants located in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, and Oklahoma, in addition to numerous depots throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. The company’s five plants are fully permitted and licensed for glass recycling, and serve their customers world wide, with sales volumes in excess of 400,000 tons per year. Each facility can recycle glass independently of any other. All have ready access to major trucking arteries in the U.S. and all have rail shipping capabilities as well. To supplement your business’s cullet requirements or to seek an economical alternative for waste glass disposal, Dlubak Glass is a time proven “Best Choice”.


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